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Webinar: Continuous Crystallization of Paracetamol Using NiTech COBC

In partnership with Mettler Toledo and NiTech, this webinar covers the operation of the NiTech continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer (COBC) , scale-up from batch to continuous, and shows representative data for the continuous crystallization of paracetamol.

The webinar in full can be found on the Mettler Toledo website:


For many applications, particle size control during a crystallization process is key to a product’s quality and processability. This particle size control can be challenging to scale-up due to changing reactor geometry and mixing when increasing reactor size. One option to facilitate scale-up is to develop a continuous crystallization process where scale-up can be achieved by running a process for an extended period, alongside many other process intensification benefits.

While many technologies for continuous crystallization exist, the NiTech continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer (COBC) is a tubular crystallizer/reactor which offers close to plug flow conditions and therefore close control of temperature and mixing. The COBC was demonstrated at Nalas for the continuous crystallization of paracetamol (acetaminophen) with controlled crystal growth via a seeded crystallization process and monitored in-situ using FBRM and EasyViewer.


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