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Our Industries

We are proud to serve a diverse community and are always looking to expand market space.
Currently, we work within the below industries:


We understand that one of the most critical components of pharmaceutical success is speed to market. Our team includes experts with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We feel that our services can be a great asset for pharmaceutical companies lacking the resources to effectively and efficiently perform process development. Utilizing our host of in situ and offline analytical tools, process analytical technology, and automated laboratory reactors enables us to get the most process understanding from our generated experimental data. This process understanding can then be transformed to provide a company with the right tools and design needed for successful scale-up of reaction and crystallization processes.

We assist our customers from discovery through development and full-scale manufacture. Companies often have targets that require route scouting, optimization, or simply production of small quantities. Our renowned PhD chemists will work with your team to tackle your challenges expeditiously and economically. During pharmaceutical development stages, our team of chemists and engineers work together to gain mechanistic insight into the chemistry. This team is supported by expert chemical analysts that focus on analytical method development, structural elucidation, and purity/potency methods for intermediates and products.


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Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

The synthesis and production of fine chemicals is often challenged with cost considerations. We offer a broad range of solutions from alternative chemistry, process changes, continuous process development, and implementation of innovative technology. Fine chemicals often require large research investments that can lead to market failures simply because of the lack of resources. Nalas offers various methods to reduce overall cost associated with development, including data rich experimentation using automated laboratory reactors capturing heat flow, real-time analytical data, concentration rate data, and in situ particle analyzers for crystallization monitoring. The resulting data is entered into process models, which generate critical information for fine chemical process development.

Fine Chemical companies producing commercial products at production scales are always looking for ways to reduce costs, without requiring a significant investment in equipment or resources. Nalas can evaluate your process, and identify value-added process solutions to reduce overall process cost, including reducing cycle time, reducing starting material requirements, increasing yield and conversion, and utilizing alternative or less expensive reagents.


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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Users of specialty chemicals are often searching for reliable companies to assist them in both research and development efforts and in developing sustainable, low-cost processes for consistent manufacturing.


Nalas is often contacted by customers during initial phases of research and development projects to establish novel synthetic routes to their desired targets, produce small quantities of a research material for testing or to refine a laboratory process to make suitable for pilot or production scales. Specialty chemicals often require “special” procedures, equipment, and expertise. Nalas employees have developed processes for over fifteen years for both commercial and government entities.  No job is too big or small. We pride ourselves on offering unique solutions to challenges by maintaining a high level of innovation during process development.


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The Department of Defense (DoD) defines critical chemicals in terms of current and potential availability of various materials, energetic and inert, used by the U.S. and Ally Nations for energetics and propulsion. Materials are considered critical if they are required for the fulfillment of the military mission and their procurement in adequate quantity, quality, or time is sufficiently uncertain as a whole to require planning for an alternative. Nalas has extensive experience in identifying alternate and green chemistry to synthesize target molecules as well as employing engineering techniques to identify lowest cost and sustainable processing to warrant continued production of these much needed chemicals to meet annual and forecasted requirements.


The government also continues to research new ingredients that require process development and manufacture. Novel energetic materials often never emerge into the commercial market because of the high cost associated with making their non-energetic precursors. This often occurs because process development is only given a cursory look before a novel and promising material is quickly dismissed from further evaluation. In other situations, a domestic source, or any single source, of an energetic precursor may exit the market due to increasing environmental regulations, risk associated with hazardous processing, or insufficient demand to drive the market need.


Whatever the reason, Nalas exists to alleviate these concerns by identifying an innovative and lowest cost route through astute process development which may incorporate alternate chemistry, continuous processing, or sustainable technology. The road to commercialization becomes easily paved by designing a process which can be tailored to any chemical plant, comply with regulations, and be established as lowest cost regardless of scale. Companies are more likely to adopt a low-risk, low-cost process that has been validated to ensure the process will run smoothly at scale. Nalas Engineering strives to transition such process technologies to our industry and strategic partners.


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