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About Nalas

Nalas offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise enabling the development and transition of safe, sustainable, robust and lowest-cost chemical and pharmaceutical processes. Implementation of innovative technologies can result in significant annual cost savings for our customers. 
We evaluate existing or new processes and provide recommendations tailored for implementation with the equipment and capabilities of your facility. We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet your needs. 

In 2023, our first manufacturing line came online and a further three are planned for 2024. No job is too big or too small! 

Our vision is to be globally recognized as the premier transition agent for scaling novel chemistry into commercial success by being the “one-stop shop” for our customers’ process development needs from the laboratory through sustainable and green production. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote technological innovation in the chemicals industry by applying science-based knowledge to solve the problems and achieve the goals of our customers. The creative ideas conceived by the customer will be realized by the Nalas team of scientists and engineers.


We will support our customers with all aspects of process engineering that result in a new dimension of performance and enable solutions that scale from the laboratory to commercial production. We will provide sustainable and green processes which can be transitioned to industry, thus enabling lowest-cost domestic production of chemicals critical to our nation's military, industrial, and pharmaceutical needs. 

Let us help you find the solution 

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