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We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet your needs.
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Continuous Processing

Continuous Processing

We develop, design, build, assemble, and test continuous processes and associated equipment. The development of a continuous process is a culmination of chemistry, analytical, chemical engineering (e.g. mixing and heat transfer), kinetic understanding, and modeling.


Nalas works with several industry partners to ensure that our customers get the best reactor design for their process. Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactors are specially designed for the seamless transition from lab feasibility to process development to industrial-scale to multi-ton production of chemicals for the pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemical industries.  


Nalas has extensive experience in the design of packed bed reactors (PBRs), plug flow reactors (PFRs), continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs), as well as customized flow reactors. We are committed to finding the right continuous technology to suit your chemistry! Learn more about our technology demonstrations below. 

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Source: Nalas


Source: Corning

Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Nalas’s scientists are experts in scaling batch chemistries and purification unit operations from the bench to production scale. Successful scale-up in batch requires deep understanding of the chemistry, as well as reaction, heat and mass transfer rates.  These factors affect product yield, purity and process safety. After gaining process understanding, Nalas has the capability to scale up to between 5 and 100L in jacketed reactors. We routinely perform multistep reactions and workups to produce kilogram quantities of materials for our customers, or evaluate the process for pilot plant scale and beyond.

Model Validation

Model Validation

No kinetic model or DOE is complete without successful validation. Nalas can develop and validate a predictive model for your chemistry, or perform validation experiments for your existing models at the lab scale and the kilogram scale.

Kilogram Synthesis

Kilogram Synthesis

Nalas has a strong history of delivering kilogram quantities of specialty chemicals, API precursors, and fine chemicals for our customers. Whether you provide the chemistry yourself, or require development of a suitable synthesis route, our team of chemists and chemical engineers are committed to developing solutions that scale.  

Technology Demonstrations (e.g. AFR)

Are you interested in attempting your chemistry in flow but concerned about purchasing expensive new reactors? Nalas partners with several industry leaders in the flow chemistry and continuous manufacturing space to allow our customers to test their chemistries in several different flow reactors. This allows you to test your chemistry before committing to a reactor purchase. We have performed reaction demonstrations in many different reactor styles including: 

  • Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactors  

  • Low Flow (0-10 mL/min) 

  • G1/G1 photoreactor (30-200 mL/min) 

  • G3 (400-2000 mL/min) 

  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTRs) 

  • Plug Flow Reactors (PFRs) 

Technology Demonstrations

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