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We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet your needs.
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Norwich Facility

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Nalas recently purchased a 75,000 sq ft facility in Norwich, CT. The mixed-occupancy facility is being outfitted to meet the various needs of our customers. Each area was designed and constructed in compliance with State and Federal building and fire codes.

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Conference/Training Room

Nalas has the ability to host training sessions in our conference room. This space provides ample room for our customers to come together to enhance their knowledge in various chemical processing disciplines. 

Kilo Lab

Our kilo lab facility in Norwich will include both batch and continuous reactors and associated unit operations for synthesis of fine and specialty chemical products. This capability provides a space to demonstrate our customers processes at an intermediate scale prior to full scale production. 

High Hazard (H2/H4 Occupancy) Small Volume Production

Nalas is actively working to complete the design and build of a high hazard occupancy space for the manufacture of specialty chemicals for the US Government. The space is being designed to produce tens of thousands of pounds of product for the customer using both continuous and batch platform technologies.

cGMP Facility (H2/H4 Occupancy) Pilot Plant

We are actively working on the design and build of a high-hazard occupancy cGMP pilot plant facility. Reactors, up to 500-gallon volume, are being installed to support our pharmaceutical customers.

Continuous Processing

Continuous Processing

Nalas is committed to using the most suitable reactor technology for the chemistry, ensuring seamless scale-up from lab to production.  


We develop, design, build, assemble, and test continuous processes and associated equipment. The development of a continuous process is a culmination of chemistry, analytical, chemical engineering (e.g. mixing and heat transfer), kinetic understanding, and modeling. 


Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactors are specially designed for the seamless transition from lab feasibility to process development to industrial-scale to multi-ton production of chemicals for the pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemical industries. In March 2023, Corning's state of the art G4 SiC Advanced Flow Reactor was installed, providing the capability of producing critical chemicals safely and efficiently.

Nalas is also expert in design of continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs), plug flow reactor (PFRs), microreactors, continuous oscillatory baffled reactors (COBRs), fixed bed or trickle bed reactors, and more. 

Process Design

Process Design (Equipment/Reactor Sizing)

Our process engineers can work hand-in-hand with architecture and engineering (A&E) firms to simultaneously design and size processing equipment to achieve our customer’s facility requirements. Nalas has experience designing processes that meet regulations such as NFPA30 and the International Building Code.   

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Nalas’s scientists and process engineers are experts in transferring laboratory processes to pilot-scale and beyond.  


Successful scale-up requires deep process understanding, including desired and undesired chemistry, rates of reaction, heat transfer, mass transfer, and analytical techniques/product characterization and process safety.  


We have the tools and expertise to answer all of your scale-up questions, and are committed to providing our services to transition your batch or continuous process from the bench scale, kilo-lab or pilot-pilot scale to production. 


Future cGMP

Nalas is actively developing cGMP capabilities for serving our customers’ manufacturing needs. Nalas plans to equip its cGMP facilities with 100-gallon, 200-gallon and 500-gallon reactors for synthesis and Nutsche filters for filtration, washing and drying. Downflow booths will be used to protect our operators during solids handling operations. Nalas looks forward to opportunities to serve our customers with their cGMP applications.

Future cGMP
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Let us help you find the solution 

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