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US Patent: Synthesis of copper (I) 5-nitrotetrazolate

Neha Mehta, Karl Oyler, Gartung Cheng, Jerry Salan, “Synthesis of copper (I) 5-nitrotetrazolate”, US Patent 2016/9440934B1.


A method of manufacture of the primary explosive material copper(I) 5-nitrotetazolate (DBX-1) by a synthesis starting with 5-aminotetrazolate (5-AT); wherein, the synthesis provides intermediates acid copper salt of 5-NT and sodium 5-nitrotetrazolate (NaNT) sodium 5-nitrotetrazolate (NaNT)—that are both, free of any 5-aminotetrazolate (5-AT) starting material—such that the subsequent production of the DBX-1 is not inhibited. Further, this method utilizes an internal filter within the reactor—to minimize handling of explosively dangerous intermediates.

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