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Promising CL‐20‐Based Energetic Material by Cocrystallization

Stephen R. Anderson, Pascal Dubé, Mariusz Krawiec, Jerry Salan, David am Ende, and Philip Samuels , “Promising CL‐20‐Based Energetic Material by Cocrystallization”, Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 41(5) 2016 pp: 783-788.


A novel cocrystal (NEX‐1) of CL‐20 and MDNT is presented herein. The CL‐20: MDNT cocrystal, obtained in high yield by resonant acoustic mixing, shows new properties versus the discrete components. This is the first example of cocrystallization of CL‐20 where the new material is less sensitive to friction than CL‐20 itself, while demonstrating similar impact and ESD sensitivity. The CL‐20: MDNT cocrystal shows promise in the production of new energetic materials of interest by the cocrystallization of well‐characterized components.

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