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Nalas President David Am Ende Publishes Second Textbook(s)

We are excited to share that our President, David am Ende, recently published the second edition of his textbook ‘Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry’.

This updated second edition has been greatly expanded and is the result of over 200 contributing authors representing both industry and academia. The edition has been divided into two separate books: 1) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) and 2) Drug Product Design, Development and Modeling.

Written for pharmaceutical engineers, chemical engineers, undergraduate and graduation students, and professionals in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and manufacturing, Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Second Edition contains information designed to be of use from the engineer’s perspective.

Both electronic and printed versions are available from Wiley using the links embedded below, or via the retailers Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients:

Drug Product Design, Development and Modeling:

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