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Flow NMR Services

Reaction monitoring via NMR spectroscopy provides significant insights into reaction kinetics, impurity profiles and mass balance across all NMR observable species being studied. The data is inherently quantitative during the course of the reaction. Therefore, one can collect quantitative data of all starting materials, intermediates, impurities and products over the entire course of the reaction. Here is an example of this application for the hydrolysis of acetic anhydride.

At Nalas Engineering Services, we provide high resolution (400 MHz) for reaction monitoring via NMR spectroscopy.  Our Bruker NEO 400 MHz spectrometer is equipped with an InsightMR™ accessory for collection of real time NMR data.  InsightMR™ by Bruker is a FlowNMR technology that combines hardware and software into one solution for online monitoring of chemical processes for real-time understanding and optimization.

Nalas has one of the few InsightMR™ systems in the US available to assist you with your chemistry challenges. Let Nalas help you better understand and improve your chemical reactions to give you an improved, safer and more affordable process.

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