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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering principles are applied to achieve process understanding and to provide solutions to your scale-up challenges.

Process Understanding

Process understanding typically starts with process characterization which in turn involves quantification of material balances of reaction pathways including starting materials, products, byproducts, impurities, off-gases etc – this capability is achieved through our state-of-the art analytics and technical experience. Process characterization also involves the measurement and assessment of key rate processes (reaction kinetics, mass transfer, heat transfer, blending, nucleation, crystal growth etc) through carefully controlled data-rich experimentation.


Scale-Up & Scale-Down

Often the goal is to scale-up a product safely and within quality specifications. At Nalas we are experts at providing solutions that will successfully scale. Scale-down is understanding how process parameters such as feed-addition rate, mixing, heat transfer limitations, vessel-configuration, etc., will impact product quality and then designing lab-scale experiments to mimic those key parameters. Through scale-down experiments we can often validate proposed scale-up protocols or demonstrate why challenges or failure
have occurred on scale.

Whether you seek process development, process improvement, or process design for batch or continuous processes, our team of engineers are experts at finding solutions to your scale-up challenges even where other Contract Research Organizations/Contract Manufacturing Organizations may have failed.

Let us help you find the solution 

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