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Chemistry development and chemical process development require state-of-the-art methods and equipment.

We provide all aspects of analytical development including synthesis of analytical standards (e.g. API, intermediates, by-products, and impurities), method development/validation, method transfer/verification, API and drug product testing, stability testing, storage requirements, quality control release testing, impurity identification and structure elucidation. Our team of scientists are experts at developing methods for both offline and real-time analytics to support all facets of development.

Solid-State Chemistry

As experts in solid-state chemistry, we offer salt, cocrystal and polymorph screening to encompass the full solid-state landscape that one may encounter in preparation for full-scale production and preparation of patent estates. Full analytical characterization of new and known solid-state forms is available to meet short development timelines and emergency in-the-tank trouble shooting.


Structure Elucidation

Structure elucidation is critical to any chemistry-related project.  The appropriate identification and characterization of synthetic materials, impurities, metabolites, etc. provides insight into many aspects of chemical processes, whether medicinal chemistry, process chemistry or metabolism. We have state-of-the-art capabilities and the knowledge to solve a vast array of structure elucidation problems. Our capabilities allow us to elucidate chemical structures via modern analytical methodologies allowing for complete assignment for all reporting needs, whether in the scientific literature or a regulatory filing. Our team of scientists have the knowledge and capabilities to provide solutions to your structure elucidation needs.

Let us help you find the solution 

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