Chemical Engineer IV

Job Location

Centerbrook, CT

Type of Job

Full Time

About the Job

Nalas Engineering Services is currently seeking a premier Chemical Engineer IV who is willing to bring their skill set and share their knowledge in a team-oriented environment. As a mid-level Chemical Engineer at Nalas, the Chemical Engineer IV plays an integral role in a team responsible for the synthesis, development, and scale-up of novel materials and/or crystallization processes. Chemical Engineer IV will demonstrate proficiency in independently performing experiments and procedures designed to evaluate various parameters of a chemical reaction and gain process understanding needed to recommend process improvements.


  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize erroneous and/or unexpected results, interpret and analyze those results, and make recommendations based on his/her own analysis and conclusions.

  • Use engineering and scientific techniques, requirements, methods, sources, and procedures tailored towards optimization of chemical reactions and the design, development and scale-up of chemical processes.

  • Perform multiple and complicated tasks concurrently while maintaining up to date lab records and process data sheets

  • Plays an integral role in all phases of research and development including planning, preparation, application, evaluation, data analysis, maintenance, and when necessary, appropriate disposal.

  • Makes novel observations, collects and interprets data and draws sound scientific conclusions based on data analysis.

  • Presents project reviews orally before the team and utilize technical writing skills to effectively communicate results in report form to management

  • Always operate in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Bachelor’s (1+ years) or MS/PhD degree in Chemical Engineering

  • Knowledge of analytical, evaluative, and problem solving techniques necessary to perform engineering work related to the job


  • Effective at gathering, integrating, and reporting technical results 

  • Proficient in basic computer programs such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and SciFinder 

  • Demonstrates proficiency and knowledge of concepts, principals and procedures involved with Chemical Engineering

  • Hands-on experience gained through industry and/or graduate-level research and design projects involving unit operations and chemical processes with a focus on optimization and scale-up 

  • Exhibits technical and operational proficiency solving problems of complexity, ensuring completion of projects in area of expertise, and utilizing judgment within general parameters for process optimization, model development, model validation, and chemical process design appropriate for commercialization

  • Good interpersonal, communication, organizational, teamwork and time management skills are essential 

  • Due to federal contractual requirements, applicant must be a US Citizen.

About Us

Nalas Engineering offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise enabling the development and transition of safe, sustainable, robust and lowest-cost chemical processes. Implementation of innovative technologies can result in signifi­cant annual cost savings for our customers. We evaluate existing or new processes and provide recommendations tailored for implementation with the equipment and capabilities of your facil­ity. We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small!


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