Nalas research for novel binder systems as alternatives to isocyanate-based formulations for propellants featured by DOD Environmental Research Program

image from Chang, P. V.; Prescher, J. A.; Sletten, E. M.; Baskin, J. M.; Miller, I. A.; Agard, N. J.; Lo, A.; Bertozzi, C. R., Copper-free click chemistry in living animals, PNAS 2010, 107, 1821.

As part of a joint exploratory development (SEED) effort funded by the DOD’s  Strategic Environmental Research Development Program (SERDP), we partnered with Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons China Lake Division to develop a new technology for binders relying on the ligation of neutral components that are well-known for their compatibility with living organisms (see image).  The binder developed in this program showed compatibility with energetic materials while offering promising physical properties upon reaction.  Moreover, upon further testing, the new system could be directly integrated into current formulations with no or minimal change from the formulator’s perspective.  The project developed a viable proof-of-concept for alternatives to isocyanate-based formulations.  We are planning to continue this work with our partners at China Lake under a follow-on effort next year.   This project and full report are currently featured on SERDP’s website!