NALAS President Dr. Dave am Ende presents on Innovations & Breakthroughs in ResonantAcoustic® Industrial Mixing

This week Dave is attending the 2014 Resodyn 4th Annual Forum on Innovations & Breakthroughs in ResonantAcoustic® Mixing. Dave was invited to give a talk on our breakthrough work “Development and Scale-Up of Cocrystals using Resonant Acoustic Mixing.”  The presentation is based on his recent paper co-authored by Dr. Stephen Anderson and Nalas CEO Jerry Salan, “Development and Scale-Up of Cocrystals using Resonant Acoustic Mixing,” Organic Process R&D, on which we have also filed a provisional patent.

The 2014 Resodyn 4th Annual Forum is being held August 19-22 in Butte Montana.  View the agenda:  Resodyn 2014 Forum Agenda and Dave’s speaker bio:  Resodyn Forum Speaker Bio.