Continuous Processing, New Faces, and Increased Capabilities

Nalas has several exciting announcements to share. While Nalas employees have enjoyed developing continuous processes for most of their careers, many companies have recently started adopted utilizing flow.  This growing interest across the industry puts Nalas in a unique position to service our customers in the area of continuous processing. We are hosting a dozen future and current Corning Advanced-Flow Reactor users this week for onsite training and to demonstrate the latest capabilities in continuous processing.

We also have several new employees.  We welcome Sean McCarthy (Chemist), Sean Dubina (Chemical Engineer), Jon Bragg (Chemical Engineer), and Mark Breault (Chemical Engineer). Sean McCarthy recently completed his PhD at The Pennsylvania State University under Prof. Alexander T. Radosevich after completing his thesis titled “Bond Activation by Geometrically Distorted P(III) Compounds”. Sean Dubina completed his PhD at  The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) under  Dr. Lewis E. Wedgewood. Sean will enhance our experience in numerical simulations, analytical modeling, chemical instrumentation, and computational fluid dynamics. Jon Bragg brings a wealth of experience from his work at Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company. Jon has worked intimately in the areas of process development, controls, and production. Mark Breault is a recent graduate of Villanova University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Mark is one of several new hires that interned for Nalas before accepting a full-time position.

The recent personnel expansion comes with an equally exciting facility expansion that includes an increase of 50% fume hood space and a high potency material suite. The increased fume hood capacity allows Nalas to serve new customers while increasing productivity for our current customers. The high potency suite was designed to increase safety for our employees when handling potent compounds being designed to treat various diseases by various pharma companies.

We are excited about our growing team, capabilities, and customer base!  We welcome you to visit our facility to see more.


Jerry Salan, CEO.