CEO Jerry Salan Featured in Chemical Engineering Magazine’s Chem Show Review

Jerry at ChemShowCEO Jerry Salan attended the bi-annual Chem Show in NYC this week to exhibit Corning’s Advanced-Flow Reactor (AFR) product line.  Jerry joined Alessandra Vizza Abrial, the  North America Sales Manager for French based Corning Reactor Technologies.  Together they showcased various AFR models and internal elements.  The AFR product line features versatile flow reactors which enable continuous processing of highly exothermic reactions. Its innovative design for superior heat transfer and mixing supports seamless and safe scale-up of chemistry from lab-scale to production scale.  Nalas is the only Certified Corning Lab in North America.  We offer in-house demos of these systems as well as support the development of customer processes specifically tailored for production in the AFR.

Check out Chemical Engineering Magazine’s review of this year’s Chem Show.  Spoiler Alert – Jerry and Alessandra and more about AFR technology are featured on pages 5-6!