Our Team

Our team consists of a unique and talented group of scientists, engineers and support staff, with diverse backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and specialty chemicals and extensive knowledge in chemical process development and manufacturing. We proudly market ourselves as experts in process development and pilot-scale production, blending chemistry, chemical engineering, and analytical expertise into a unique complementary skill set. Our team will understand the critical nature of your business and make all our customers feel that they are the ONLY customer.


Jerry Salan


J. Mark Heslop


Dr. David J. am Ende

Vice President

Kerri Salan

Executive Vice President

Shilpa Lad Amato

Information Technology

Daniel Muravnick

Project Manager/Chemist V

Dr. Fern Sinclair


Chad Martone

Chemical Hygiene Officer

Sharon Whittaker

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Evangelisti

Administrative Assistant

Tiffany Tipton Bragg

Chemist VI

Dr. Stephen Anderson

Chemical Engineer IV

Mark Breault

Chemist V

Dr. Matt Burk

Chemist V

Paul Concannon

Chemical Engineer IV

Jamie Corwel

Chemical Engineer IV

Dr. Sean Dubina

Chemical Operator

Christopher Kelly

Chemical Engineer IV

Sarah Keshishian

Chemist IV

Steven Kowalewski

Chemical Engineer IV

Dr. John Kwak

Chemist V

Michaela Marquez

Chemist V

Dr. Sean McCarthy

Chemist V

Michael McCormack

Chemist V

Eric Mull

Chemist III

Judy Nguyen

Chemical Engineer IV

Joseph Niemiroski

Chemical Engineer III

Jacob Santos Marques

Chemical Engineer IV

Patrick Staiber

Chemist IV

Jeanene Tickner

Chemist V

Dr. Daniel Ward

Chemist III

Kyle Yonoski