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About Us

Nalas Engineering offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise enabling the development and transition of safe, sustainable, robust and lowest-cost chemical processes. Implementation of innovative technologies can result in significant annual cost savings for our customers. We evaluate existing or new processes and provide recommendations tailored for implementation with the equipment and capabilities of your facility. We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small!

Our Capabilities


Our customers have various options when considering the best path forward to develop their chemistry. These options include in-house development or assistance through outsourcing.
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Chemistry development and chemical process development require state-of-the-art methods and equipment. We provide all aspects of analytical development.
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Structure Elucidation

Structure elucidation is critical to any chemistry-related project. The appropriate identification and characterization of synthetic materials, impurities, etc. provides insight into many aspects.
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Chemical Engineering

Mixing and Heat Transfer are two critical chemical engineering phenomena contributing to scaleup challenges. We provide you with best practices to solve these challenges using models and laboratory.
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We utilize kinetic data to support process models for batch scaleup and continuous processes. Kinetic data supports sizing of chemical reactors, developing process cycle times, and generating cost...
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We have your economically viable, efficient modeling solutions. Our customers have benefited from our capabilities to generate critical data supporting development of meaningful models to reduce...
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Continuous Processing

We develop, design, build, assemble, and test continuous processes and associated equipment. The development of a continuous process is a culmination of chemistry, analytical, chemical engineering...
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Process Safety

Whether you are synthesizing just a few kilograms or planning production of metric tons, a process safety assessment is critical to operator and proposed facility protection. The process safety...
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Filtration & Drying

Filtration and drying are important unit operations that can have a dramatic effect on process cycle times as well as product properties.
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Solid State Services

As experts in solid state chemistry, we offer salt, cocrystal and polymorph screening to encompass the full solid state landscape that one may encounter in preparation for full-scale production...
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Crystallization is one of the oldest chemical engineering unit operations and possibly one of the most challenging to master.  Nalas are experts at evaluating processes to obtain correct polymorph...
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